HZ | Energieanlagen GmbH

Mobile? Stationary? Retrofit?
It doesn't matter. The main thing is that they're perfect!

For human. For life. For the environment.

The most important aim of our installations is to ensure a region’s electrical infrastructure and thus assist the life and work of the people there.

Mobile installations

Mobile installations are required particularly in crisis areas, after environmental catastrophes or after political conflicts because the power generation systems and the power grid have frequently been destroyed or are in need of repair.

Using a mobile installation, it is possible to route electrical power precisely to where it is needed. It is often crucial to be able to respond very promptly. Mobile installations are the ideal solution for this as it generally takes only around a week to install and commission them.

Stationary installations

We are specialists when it comes to setting up electrical infrastructure. Stationary installations for power generation are central pillars for stable power supply. Together with you, we find the best solution, depending on requirements as regards demand, geography and ambient influences. In-depth advice, compliance with the budget and allowance for environment-friendly technologies are a matter of course for us when implementing an energy system.

However, our staff not only provide the engineering for the projects but they are also there to assist in commissioning. So commissioning expertise always feeds back to the engineering department.

This means you can be sure that our installations are produced on the basis of expertise gained in practice for use in practice and that they meet the very highest standards. We vouch for that.

Existing installations (Retrofit)

It doesn’t always have to be a new installation. We are also specialists when it comes to existing energy systems. Modernization (retrofitting) allows maintenance and servicing costs to be cut and security of supply to be boosted.

A summary of our retrofit service:
  • Inspection, conversion and modernization of energy systems
  • Conversion of mains backup systems, emergency power generators, diesel power generators and turbine controllers
  • Our many years of experience mean that we are familiar with all types of power systems made by leading manufacturers on the market
  • Planning, execution, acceptance testing, fast commissioning during ongoing operation, spare parts and maintenance from a single source
  • Improving safety as well as energy and consumption management