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Electricity for everyone!
Not a problem thanks to distributed installations.

Our world is getting more and more complex every day – and the requirements made of the power supply system are, too.

What was a still straightforward system only a few decades ago has now developed to become a multi-faceted sector demanding a great deal of expertise, flexibility and experience – particularly in difficult areas.

Diesel generator

Stand-alone equipment or emergency back-up generators guarantee independence from the conventional power supply. Modern power networks today operate at the limits of their capacity more than ever – so power outages are not a rarity. The spectrum in the power generator sector extends from small emergency back-up generators for small and medium-sized plants through to fully fledged mains backup systems which, for example, are able to power the production chain of an entire factory or a medium-sized town.

Incidentally, modern power generation solutions are able to switch to and fro seamlessly between emergency operation and conventional power supply. One thing is always guaranteed: a constant, uninterrupted supply of energy.

We have made it our mission to cover the entire range of services in the sectors of electrical power generators and emergency back-up generators, from advising on the current range of technologies through outlining your individual needs to delivery and after-sales service. Numerous clients both in Germany and abroad already rely on our expertise.

Innovativeness and efficiency are just as important to HZ Energieanlagen as operational safety and environmental impact.

Complete systems

Customers want functional, durable solutions. Complete systems in particular, consisting for example of generator, ancillary units, cooling system, enclosure, control system and network, are complex. It is all the more important that these energy systems be designed so that all components interwork with no malfunctions.

During the course of consultancy backed-up by our wealth of experience, we elaborate state-of-the-art energy concepts which are efficient and meet your needs precisely. Our broad network of suppliers and our numerous reference projects mean that we are able to match technological needs to budget framework in order to produce a sound solution.

Good quality comes at a price, of course. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that we must address your budget framework realistically. Our Service Team will be more than willing to elaborate various alternative quotes at various price levels which nevertheless all have an absolutely competitive price-performance ratio.

It is the case now more than ever before that energy systems have to meet precise targets as regards environmental impact and energy efficiency. In recent years, this has also been accompanied by a tremendous improvement in the efficiency and economy of such installations. That is why we are uncompromising in our choice of state-of-the-art equipment which is gentle on both natural resources and budget.


In energy systems planned by us, we use only high-quality products which the customer will still be able to reorder in future and which require as little maintenance as possible as well.

As early as the concept phase, the customer sees the individual components on the basis of parts lists, data sheets and photographs. This allows us to take special wishes into consideration at all times.

It goes without saying that we also provide advice, elaborate concepts and make deliveries if the customer requires only individual components for extensions to, or conversions or modernization of existing installations.

When doing so, we provide neutral advice independently of vendor and with efficiency as our target, always with our customer’s advantage in mind.